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People are electrocuted every year by faulty outdoor electrical boxes whose structural integrity has been compromised by weathering and water damaged front plates.

Nationwide, millions of dollars are spent annually on hiring electricians to repair or replace these boxes on commercial properties. Short term fixes are unsightly duct taping or wire-tying a plate to a box with no protection from water intrusion and the possibility of electrical shock.


With HAC’s, easy to install, Patented Electrical Box Replacement Cover for home and businesses, you can save money and time, to achieve a weather resistant seal at a fraction of the cost while adding to electrical safety for areas around pools, spas, water fountains, and landscaping. These covers are actively being utilized on golf courses, HOA’s and Public settings.


HAC produces the following covers:


Single Gang ABS


Double Gang ABS


Single Gang Adapter ABS


Our Single gang ABS Adapter Cover Can be utilized to install a receptacle or switch to a damaged exterior box while allowing for an addition of a third-party weathertight in use cover.


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